reliable connections in signal and power paths for high-voltage and low-voltage vehicle electrical systems

Automotive – safely on the move with future-proof connections

Due to the material connections of our processes with the associated properties of long-term stability and the high holding forces with the lowest transition resistance, our technology offers considerable advantages in addition to the typical cable connections, especially in the areas of safety paths such as airbags, brake systems and sensors. Even the small cross-sections can be processed cleanly and reliably. In addition, the above properties are even more important for high-voltage applications. For these reasons, we have also established ourselves in power distribution, e-traction and HV cabling with cable sets or BUSBARS over the past 10 years.

With our technologies you can implement, for example:

  • Cable connections (splices – node connector in the on-board network
    • Signal paths & safety paths like
    • Braking systems
    • Airbag systems and other pyrotechnic applications
  • Sensors
  • Electronics and control systems
  • Regulator
  • Steering systems
  • Heating systems and applications of electric heat in the vehicle
    • Seat heaters
    • Steering wheel heaters
    • SCR
  • Battery paths with IBS sensors
  • Components
    • Security systems
    • Lead frame supported systems with electrical components and cables
    • Traction distributor
    • ECUs
    • And much more

In addition, we are your competent partner in component development and support you in the planning and implementation of new components.